Last Of 2 Kidnapped Seafarers From Tanker Vessel Return To India

After almost 3 weeks, the last 2 seafarers who had been captured during the hijacking of an oil tanker returned to India.

The tanker, named MT Gulf Sky, had been hijacked on July 5, as per UN reports. The hijackers told the seafarers to steer the ship for the Iranian mainland.

After the hijackers brought the ship to the port of Bandar Abbas, most of the crew members had been brought back to India. Only 2 seafarers- namely the Chief Engineer and another crewmember remained in Tehran, due to the absence of their passports.

Seafarers’ Challenges During COVID-19 The Case Of MV Gulf Sky
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Joginder Singh, who was the captain of the oil tanker when it was abducted, disclosed a few days back that the two had safely landed on Indian soil.

“The crew have been in fear of their lives,” said David Hammond, who is the Chief Executive of Human Rights at Sea.

“Undoubtedly the crew have been through a traumatic experience,” he added.

The US Department of Justice had, in May, filed criminal charges against two Iranians who had been condemned of some $12million in a money laundering case. They linked it up with the tanker kidnapping case, saying that the duo had been laundering money to buy the tanker.

US officials further linked up the case with some major Iranian oil companies, as well as the Iranian government.


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