Largest Scientific Research Training Vessel Of China Embarks On Its Maiden Journey

Zhongshan, China’s robust vessel designed for scientific research training. It has the largest displacement and next-gen technological equipment. It is set to embark on its maiden journey on Sunday to the South China Sea.

The ship will be carrying out scientific experiments on the biology, atmosphere, and ocean to provide technological and scientific support for enhanced understanding, protection, and exploitation related to the South China Sea.

Per reports from, Zhongshan measures 114.3 meters in length and 19.4 meters in width. It has a displacement capacity of about 6,880 tons, a laboratory that spans up to 720 square meters indoors, and a deck working space of about 610 square meters.

Largest Scientific Research Training Vessel - Sun Yat-Sen
Image Credits: Jiangnan Shipbuilding

With strong and holistic scientific research capacity and the most innovative appeal, Zhongshan is the first ever to have a special thruster with flexible as well as safe vessel manoeuvrability. reported that other special equipment onboard can lower the impact of air bubbles on underwater measurement, ensure ultra-silent operations, and guarantee the ship’s adaptability to sea conditions from zero to motor speed.

Last Sunday, Zhongshan was berthed at Gaolan port, Zhuhai. The latter is a city in South China’s Guandong Province. It took 65 months for the training vessel from the time the country’s Ministry of Education had given approval for the project in 2016 (November).

Zhongshan is a unique, mobile, and scientific maritime research platform. Gao Song, Sun Yat-Sen University’s Headmaster, also refers to it as a one-of-its-kind platform for augmenting international maritime scientific collaborations and training interdisciplinary talents.

Back in 1928, a team of researchers from the Sun Yat-Sen University took a warship to Xisha Islands. The team drafted around, researching a sampan. In China’s history, this marked the first scientists to embark on scientific research on the Xisha Islands.


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