Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Wins Order For 8 Ships Worth KRW 835 Billion

Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, an intermediate holding company of Hyundai Heavy Industries Group’s shipbuilding, has won an order for eight ships worth a total of KRW 835 billion.

Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding recently joined shipping companies in Liberia, Oceania, and Europe, along with four 15,900 TEU-class ultra-large container ships, two 91,000 cubic meters (m³) super-large LPG carriers, and 40,000 cubic meters (m³) medium-sized LPG. It was announced on the 9th (Tuesday) that it has signed a contract to build one carrier and one 50,000-ton PC ship.

The ultra-large container ship that was ordered this time is 364m in length, 51m in width and 30m in height. It is expected to be built at Hyundai Heavy Industries in Ulsan and delivered to ship owners in the second half of 2022.

Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding Wins Order For 8 Ships Worth KRW 835 Billion
Image Credits: ksoe.co.kr

The Shanghai Container Ships Fare Index (SCFI), the global container ship freight rate index, recorded 2,885 points, the highest level since 2009, when counting began on January 15, and recorded 2,775 points as of the 26th of last month, compared to 876 points in the same period last year. Increased to fold level.

Other ship types also received news of orders. The two ultra-large LPG ships that Korea Offshore & Shipbuilding received this order will be built by Hyundai Heavy Industries and will be delivered from the first half of 2023, and one medium-sized LPG ship and one PC ship will be built by Hyundai Mipo Shipbuilding and delivered to ship owners from the second half of 2022. Will be.

The ultra-large LPG ship is equipped with an LPG dual fuel propulsion engine, so it can respond to reinforced environmental regulations without installing a scrubber.

An official from Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering said, “It seems that the shipbuilding market is recovering in earnest, as orders for orders are actively being continued due to the expectation of an increase in freight rates and volume.” “We will lead the global market based on continuous technology development and quality management.” Said.

Reference: ksoe.co.kr

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