Japanese Fishing Boat Capsizes After Colliding With Russian Ship, 3 Dead

Three people have been found dead after a Russian ship collided with a crab fishing boat near Hokkaido on Wednesday. The incident had capsized the 9.7-ton Japanese crab fishing boat as 3 of the crew members of the boat died.

The fishing boat Hokko Maru No. 8 was busy catching hairy crabs with its 5 crew members when the 662-ton Russian ship collided with it at 6 am. The other 2 crew members have been rescued. One of them has suffered injuries.

The 3 crew members who have lost lives in the collision were 64-year-old chief engineer Masayoshi Numahata, 39-year-old deckhand Shunsuke Konno, and 37-year-old deckhand Masatoshi Inoue.

Ship representation Image
Representation Image – Credits: twitter.com

The Russian ship Amur that had been involved in the collision was supplying seafood from Sakhalin Russia when the incident happened. They have 23 crew members onboard, of which 5 hadn’t any vital signs after the collision and were taken away from the sea. They had been taken to their home port 23 km away from the accident site.

The Meteorological Observatory of Monbetsu had declared a dense fog advisory at the first area during this time. The Hokko Maru crew have told the coast guard that they couldn’t move the boat before the collision as they were entangled with crabs on the ropes

The Russian Embassy in Tokyo has expressed their condolences and revealed that the accident happened due to the dense fog which made it difficult to see the small fishing boat.

Reference: aninews.in

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