Jamaica Intercepts 1500 Kg Of Cocaine From A Ship At Kingston Port, Biggest Drug Bust Ever

In a major development, the biggest drug bust in Jamaica happened on Saturday, January 14, when cocaine worth $80 million was seized by the Jamaican authorities from a ship at Kingston Port.

The last time Jamaica made such a cocaine bust was back in October when $25 million worth of cocaine, about 500 kilograms, was intercepted from a Canada-bound private jet. 

Jamaica Constabulary Force and Jamaica’s Defence Force have confirmed in separate statements that 1,500 kilograms (3,306 lbs) of cocaine contained in 1250 packages kept in 50 bags were recovered from the ship in question, sailing from South America. 

Cocaine bust
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The Defence Force has reiterated its commitment to fight these criminal organizations who take advantage of the geological position of the country to ship drugs and weapons to European and North American countries using cargo. 

However, the authorities have shied away from naming the ship, and no one has been arrested. 

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