ITF Seafarers’ “Portable Communication Pods” To Connect Seafarers With Their Families

The Portable Communication Pods, part of the ITFST’s digital welfare project, aim to keep seafarers connected to families and friends and to give seafarers needed information and resources by providing easily accessible Wi-Fi access on the quayside in ports around the world.

The Portable Communication Pods were the winner of the “Best New Communication Product” at the Safety At Sea Awards for the innovative way of addressing seafarers’ unique welfare needs.

ITF Seafarers' Portable communication pods
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“Seafarers’ wellbeing is integral to improving safety at sea, but is also obviously important to improve the quality of life. The ITF Seafarers’ Trust is proud of the possibilities, that include communication but also training, port information and information on where seafarers can access chaplains, ITF Inspectors and other assistance. Because the Pods are portable and their use flexible, we look forward to the wider maritime community using the pods in a variety of ways to help empower the world’s seafarers and other maritime workers” said Tomas Abrahamson, Acting Head of ITF Seafarers’ Trust.

The ITF Seafarers’ Trust was established by the ITF in 1981 as a body with charitable status under UK law. It is dedicated to the welfare of seafarers, irrespective of nationality, race or creed. Its funding comes from the investment income of the ITF welfare fund, which is used to provide trade union services to seafarers.

ITF Seafarers' Portable communication pods
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”Our vision is to be the leader in promoting and improving the wellbeing of maritime workers worldwide. We support the provision of services to maritime workers; we invest in long-term programs that improve seafarers and their families’ health and wellbeing; and we act as a catalyst for positive change in the maritime community”

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