ITF Applauds Australian Action To Ban Hong Kong-Flagged Bulk Carrier For Underpaying Crew

ITF statement on the decision by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to ban the Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier MV Shandong Hai Wang for one year from Australian waters. ITF seafarers’ section chair and joint chair of the ITF fair practices committee, Dave Heindel, said: “We wholeheartedly welcome this action by the AMSA. This is the kind of enforcement that seafarers deserve from all authorities in all countries at all times. Only when unscrupulous ship owners know that there is nowhere to hide will we start to see an end to the gross exploitation of seafarers.”

bulk carrier hong kong flagged MV Shandong Hai Wang
Image Credits: AMSA

ITF dockers’ section chair and joint chair of the ITF fair practices committee, Paddy Crumlin, said: “Well done to the ITF inspectors who played a key role in alerting the AMSA to this shocking case. And well done to the AMSA for taking such swift and decisive action. We urge other port state authorities to follow this example and enforce the ILO maritime labour convention the same way. The ITF will continue to praise authorities who do a good job in protecting seafarers and shame those who do not.”

Press Release: ITF

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