ITF And MUA Condemn Brutal Treatment Of More Than 15,000 Cruise Ship Crews

The Maritime Union of Australia and the International Transport Workers’ Federation condemn the brutal treatment of more than 15,000 international crew from more than 50 nationalities engaged in the cruise ship industry in Australian waters.

Last week, the union and the federation wrote to Prime Minister Morrison asking for the same level of cooperation that industry unions and government have engaged in across Australia in response to this terrible pandemic.

We had asked for leadership and humanitarian response to stranded seafarers drifting around the Australian coast.

Morrison Government condemned for treatment of cruise ship crews
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Instead, Morrison reverts to type and has ordered all ships to leave Australian waters without any regard for the health, safety, dignity, or for the future safety of 15,000 international workers.

Ordering flag of convenience ships back to their home ports demonstrates no understanding of the industry and sets a fully crewed flotilla adrift at the worst possible time.

The Morrison Government’s reckless and heartless treatment of international workers will put the safety of Australian cruise ship workers at risk in other countries.


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  1. Morison ,many others in the world like him,people that are supposed to take care of people ,are not only heartless but worst,brainless.
    How Australian economy would have been without Cruise ships calling Australian ports?
    Probably he does not care?!
    And if this is so,how much He really cares about his own Australian fellows?

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