Israel’s Navy Takes Possession Of The First U.S Built Landing Craft INS Nahshon

On Tuesday, the Navy of Israel reportedly collected the first of the two new US-built landing crafts, although the vessel will only be delivered within the next few months.

In a ceremony at the Mississippi-based Pascagoula shipyard, Israel’s flag was raised on the US-constructed vessel INS Nahshon.

Israel’s Defense Forces mentioned that the vessels, which weigh approximately 2,500 tons each and are about 95 meters in length and 20 meters in width, will act as a critical pillar in adapting the Israel Navy to the multi-arena and modern battlefield.

The vessels were procured with the help of funds from the US military aid to Israel.

The military mentioned that the second landing craft and INS Nahshon will also serve as a logistical axis for transporting soldiers and equipment in near and far locations.

The INS Nahshon is expected to undergo the final preparations in the next few months, including training for crew members, before it departs for a naval base in Israel. In 2024, the Navy hopes to declare the vessel fully operational.

Rear Adm. Tal Politis, the Haifa Naval Base commander, who spearheaded the ceremony, said that receiving the first-ever landing craft marks a significant milestone in adapting the Navy to a modern battlefield.

He added that this one was a mighty war vessel.

Each team of landing craft will comprise dozens of combat sailors, a quarter of them being female officers and soldiers, the IDF mentioned.

The vessel will be commanded by a Navy officer holding the rank of lieutenant commander, which is the Ground Forces equivalent of a major.

The admiral of the Navy left a handwritten note for the first-ever team of the INS Nahshon.

Today, there is a great privilege, penning down a chapter in the history of the Israeli Navy, Vice Adm. David Sa’ar Salama mentioned.

With impeccable cohesion, professionalism, and dedication in an exceptional collaboration that crosses times, individuals, and nations, the Navy is led to new horizons, to those of influence as well as determination.

The landing craft is mainly used to transport troops and heavy equipment across the sea and deploy them on the shore in an amphibious assault.

The Israel Navy made use of such vessels since its inception back in 1948 and up to 1993, when the last ageing landing crafts got decommissioned, with the military carefully assessing at that time that it had no use or scope for relatively newer models.

The new procurement of landing crafts for the Israel Navy started four years ago.

References: Times Of Israel, The Jerusalem Post

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