Israeli Cargo Ship Breaks Through Russian Blockade Of Ukrainian Black Sea Ports, Earns Praise

A cargo vessel flying the Israeli flag identified Russia’s supposed blockade of Ukraine’s ports, becoming the first vessel to enter Ukraine’s branch of the Danube since July 25, Ukraine’s news outlet Militarnyi reported on July 31.

Citing transponder data, Militarnyi mentioned that on the night of July 30, three civilian vessels – Sahin 2, Ams1, and Yilmaz Kaptan (from Greece, Israel, and Turkey or Georgia, respectively) — stepped into the Black Sea, broadcasting Ukraine as the destinations.

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On July 31, Ams1 was the first vessel to breach the blockage of the Black Sea after Russia bombed the Ukrainian Danube port based in Reni on July 25. Starting the journey from Ashdod in Israel, it advertised the destination as Ukraine openly and crossed the Black Sea on a direct channel, the report specified.

Four more vessels are following Ams1 and will anchor in the Danube. Per Militarnyi, the passage is reportedly tracked by a U.S. maritime reconnaissance aircraft, the P8, refuelled in flight above Romania.

After exiting the Black Sea Grain Initiative (abbreviated the BSGI) on July 17, Russia has mentioned that it will regard vessels bound for Ukrainian ports as the carriers of military cargo, indicating an attempt to effectively block Kyiv from accessing maritime trade channels.

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