Ireland Ports To Ban Entry Of Russian Vessels

Simon Coveney, the Minister for Foreign Affairs, described the move to be “ambitious”. He added that they must do what is taken to prevent funding Kremlin’s war effort, and push those who are close to the regime to exercise their influence to bring the illegal, immoral, and unjustified war to an end.

The most recent package includes a ban on Russian-flagged vessels that were landing at the EU ports. Following the sanctions, a notice was published by the Department of Transport on 11 April.

It was shared with all ports, local authorities, shipowners, shipmasters, agents, harbormasters, and yachtsmen. After April 16, Saturday, yachts, ships, and recreational craft under Russia’s flag will not be permitted to access the Irish ports.

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The sanctions apply to vessels that altered the registration or flag of the ship to another state from the Russian Federation on or after 24 February 2022 – the day Russia launched an invasion on Ukraine. There are a few exceptions to the ban on vessels registered with Russia, including the transport of food as well as agricultural products, including fertilizers and wheat.

Derogations for the transport of medical and pharmaceutical products; oil; titanium; coal; copper; nickel; palladium; natural gas; aluminum; and iron ore are available. Vessels that seek such derogation to land at any port in Ireland will have to get in touch with the Department of Transport before time.


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