Iranian Warships Dock In Brazil On Their Way To Panama Despite US Sanctions

On January 28, Iranian Navy ships were allowed to dock in Brazil despite being under US sanctions. This means the ships can travel to the Panama Canal without hassle.

Earlier, Panama deregistered Iranian ships to prevent them from carrying oil to the US. Iran downplayed it as a minor issue, saying they would ship oil in their vessels. Since then, the US has been monitoring Iran’s Panama transit with a hawk’s eye, especially the country’s military presence. 

Last week, the Brazilian Navy confirmed that two Iranian warships had been allowed in Brazilian ports. The vessels in question came equipped with naval guns, torpedoes, and anti-ship missiles.

Iranian navy ships in Brazil
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Iran has strategically sought to build up its relations with Southern American countries as part of their economic plan. Their ties with Venezuela have substantially improved in recent years. Being at the receiving end of US sanctions for years, Venezuela has let Iranian ships dock in their country.

Earlier this year, Iran’s military ambition in the pacific became apparent when the navy announced that they would have their physical presence in the Panama Canal in 2023.

On Saturday, it was revealed that they had developed new maritime combat helicopters, which will be sent to the area soon. Senior Commander of the Navy, Rear Admiral Irani, announced that this is part of the country’s development by sea, underlining that those who don’t do it suffer from geopolitical suffocation.

He highlighted the importance of building an Iranian-Islamic culture based on abilities in the sea, and Southern Iran’s, Makran coast will play an essential role in this. 

The ships in question will be in Brazil till January end before they head towards the Panama Canal via Venezuela. They are scheduled to arrive in Panama by February 7.

References: Almayadeen, Kashmir Observer


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  1. Never trust Brazil let alone most South American countries. Most of the high ranking Nazi’s fled to South America and lived with no hassle from local governments.

  2. We will see who takes control of these ships? Iranian Warships think they can compete with American sailors. We will see real soon. Shalom! 🇺🇸🇮🇱✡️🕎✝️🇺🇸

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