Iran Ships Russian Cargo To India Via New Trade Channel

The Iran shipping firm has kick-started transporting its first cargo of Russia’s goods to India via a new trade channel.

This comes amidst a rising push from Western countries to isolate Russia from world trading with the US and the EU, leading to sanctions while asking other nations to shun Russia’s goods including its gas and oil.

Russia’s cargo comprises two 40-foot containers made out of wood laminate sheets that weigh 41 tons, per information from the Islamic Republic News Agency.

Dariush Jamali, the director of the Iranian-Russian terminal in Astrakhan highlighted that the cargoes had departed from St. Petersburg for Astrakhan, a port city located along the Caspian Sea. The report did not shed light on when the cargo had been transferred to the test corridor.

Russian Cargo
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The report mentioned that the cargo will have to cross the length of the Caspian Sea to Anzali, a port in Northern Iran. Later, Russia’s goods will be transported by road to Bandar Abbas, a port on the Arabian Gulf. The goods will then have to be loaded onto a vessel and sent to the Nhava Sheva, an Indian port.

Jamali noted that the goods transferred via the new route are managed and coordinated by the state-run Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines Group, as well as the regional offices based in both Russia and India. The Russian cargo is likely to reach India in about 25 days.

References: News Nine, Arab News

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