Iran Seizes Foreign Vessel Smuggling Fuel In The Gulf, Arrests Crew Members

Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have reportedly seized a foreign vessel that was allegedly smuggling fuel in the waters of the Persian Gulf. They have arrested the crew members per state media reports received on Sunday. It is the third incident of the same type to be reported in the month.

The Guards captured a foreign vessel loaded with about 200,000 litres of smuggled fuel in the Persian Gulf. Post seizing, they directed it toward the Bushehr (port), per state broadcaster IRIB’s report obtained from a statement by the Guards’ Navy.

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Eight foreigner crew members of the vessel were taken to Bushehr port after being arrested. There, they are going to be with the judicial authorities for further investigations and additional legal processes.

The nationalities of the crewmen were not specified. The incident is the most recent one in a series of vessel seizures. These vessels smuggle fuels into the Persian Gulf. Here, a significant portion of the world’s oil is shipped and produced.

Iranian media informed on 15 April about the seizure of a boat loaded with 250,000 litres of smuggled fuel. This followed the arrest of a seven-member crew. Another boat with 11 crew members on board had been seized on 9 April, the media reported.


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