Iran Released Greek Tankers Seized In May 2022

Iran has reportedly released two Greek tankers it had seized in May 2022 in retaliation following an Iran-based crude oil cargo held up in Greece, the Greek merchant marine ministry mentioned on Wednesday.

After months-long discussion with Iran, the Greek-flagged vessels Delta Poseidon and Prudent Warrior, seized on 27 May, left today, the ministry mentioned in an official statement.

The ministry informed the deputy merchant marine minister of Greece was present in Tehran on Wednesday to broker the deal.

Greek Tankers

Most of the 50 sailors on the two vessels had been replaced weeks earlier. The row started after a tanker flying the flag of Russia and loaded with Iranian crude was reportedly seized in April 2022 at the behest of the US Treasury close to Athens.

Greece mentioned that it had been enforcing sanctions imposed on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine in February.

When Athens said it would deliver oil to Washington, Iranian helicopters reportedly landed commandos on the tankers taken to the Bandar Abbas port.

The Delta Poseidon was sailing in international waters then, the foreign ministry of Greece said in May 2022.

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