Iran Navy Thwarted Pirate Attack In Red Sea

An Iranian naval flotilla reportedly foiled a pirate attack on a merchant vessel from Iran in the Red Sea, the navy mentioned, following a similar incident that occurred last month.

A suspicious boat that had 12 armed men approached the Iran-based merchant ship on Thursday in the Bab Al-Mandab strait, IRNA said.

It reported that a squadron had reportedly entered a confrontation with pirates in the Red Sea, stating that the invading vessel departed from the area after the escort flotilla, spearheaded by the Jamaran destroyer, reportedly opened fire at the vessel.

Pirate Attack
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The incident occurred after the Pentagon mentioned on Tuesday that an Iran-based vessel had seized an unmanned American military research vessel in the Gulf but released it after a US Navy helicopter and patrol boat were deployed to reach the location.

On 10 August, a senior navy commander from Iran mentioned that the same naval flotilla prevented an attack overnight on another vessel, the Islamic republic.

Rear Admiral Mustafa Tajeddini said simultaneously, following a help request made by an Iranian ship when it was in the Red Sea, the flotilla was immediately dispatched to the scene, and there it engaged fire with the attacking boats.

He further mentioned following heavy exchanges. The attacking boats took off.

Like other nations dependent on the shipping lane through the Suez Canal and the Red Sea, Iran strengthened its naval presence in the Gulf of Aden following a wave of pirate attacks from 2000 to 2011 from Somalia.

References: Arab News, Times Of Israel

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