Iran Downplays Panama’s Decision To Deregister Its Ships

Iran has downplayed Panama’s decision to deregister Iranian-flagged vessels, calling it “insignificant”. The Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) of Iran have stated that they will be using their tankers and ships irrespective of the move. 

In a statement issued last Sunday, the PMO blasted the publicizing of this decision, stating that Panama’s Maritime Authority (AMP) is pleasing the US by doing this. Earlier on January 17, AMPR deregistered 136 ships that belonged to the state oil company of Iran. 

The statement said that the publicization was because of the US government’s political pressure. The Panama authorities should consider the repercussions of such public comments as they are likely to have international and legal implications. 

Iran oil carrying ships deregistered by Panama
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This decision by the AMP came after some US politicians expressed concern over Iran’s crude oil export increase in 2022, even though the US has imposed sanctions on them. Anti-Iran lobbies have highlighted that Iranian ships carrying oil have Panama flags. 

Iran has announced that they will import and export goods to the country through these vessels under the flag of Iran instead of the Panama flag. 

References: Press TV, Forbes

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