Iran Claims To Threaten US Navy Helicopters Covering Warships In The Strait Of Hormuz

The Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps states it sent out threats to open fire on the U.S. Marine Corps and Navy helicopters. It reportedly covered a group of US-based warships as they sailed via the Strait of Hormuz, prompting them to land.

The U.S. Navy informed The War Zone that none of the U.S. helicopters returned to the vessels when supporting the transit for other reasons than refuelling.

Warships In The Strait Of Hormuz
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Photographs and video footages released by Iran via Tasnim News Agency reflect one of the nation’s new sea base-esque ships, dubbed the Shahid Mahdavi, as well as other vessels, supported by some drones above, shadowing the naval contingent of the U.S. very closely as it passed into the Persian Gulf in the past week. The actual transit took place on 17 August.

Only the U.S. Navy’s amphibious assault vessel belonging to the Wasp-class and titled the USS Bataan, and its Arleigh-Burke-class destroyer named the USS Thomas Hudner is evident in the photographs and videos Iran has captured. However, last week, the USNI News reported that the amphibious warship of the Harpers-Ferry class, dubbed the USS Carter Hall, too, had sailed via the Strait of Hormuz on/about 17 August.

At one point in the Iranian videos of the transit, an IRGC-N member can also be heard hailing the vessels of the U.S. Navy in English.

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