Internet Is Flooded With Suez Canal Memes – Here Are The Best Ones!

As one of the most important sea routes “Suez Canal” got blocked because of the grounding of MV EVER GIVEN, the online world has been bustling with the news and repercussions the jam has created.

As of Thursday, March 25, project44’s tracking showed 47 container vessels representing 540,716 TEUs vessel capacity currently impacted, a 42.5 per cent increase over the 379,200 TEUs reported yesterday. Moreover, according to the reports, it might take a week’s time to free the container ship.

While this is a very serious crisis, it didn’t stop netizens from flooding the social media platforms with memes and jokes.

Here we go with some amazing ones from Twitter:

An ambitious plan to free the boat is to push a huge cotton swab up the canal

Any pokemon fans here?

One huge ship is enough

Should your ship Wikipedia link turn blue?

Cat didn’t work, time for a dog

Uh yeah, about that…

Treat for pirates?

Not a solution, but just for fun

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