International Quality Assessment Review Body Supports IMO Member States

The International Quality Assessment Review Body (IQARB) is due to update IMO Member States on its work supporting States to fulfil their obligations under IMO mandatory instruments. An online lunchtime presentation on Thursday 28 November, held during IMO’s Sub-Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments (III), will take place for participating Member States.

The IQARB is an advisory and a non-decision-making body, established in 2019 to review the certification process of the quality management systems of IACS classification societies.

The body is composed of qualified individuals from maritime authorities, the IMO Secretariat and industry bodies – including those from the insurance industry, shipowners and shipbuilders. These, collectively, are representative of the views and interests of the stakeholders that have a particular interest in the work of classification societies and recognized organizations (ROs).

IMO Member States
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In its annual meetings, IQARB members review IACS society audits based on the report of IQARB’s Independent Quality Assessment Analyst. During the year, a standing Steering Committee and a Technical Committee support the IQARB in ensuring steady and ongoing progress. Find out more about IQARB specific tasks here.

A permanent Secretariat for the IQARB is currently being established and future funding issues are being considered. Opening up IQARB to all flag States and all classification societies is under discussion to ensure suitability for all participants, not only IQARB members.

Looking forward, IQARB offers flag States the option to consider the use of IQARB Factual Statements as a component to assist in fulfilling some of their obligations under the relevant provisions of IMO mandatory instruments, such as SOLAS, 1974, regulations I/6, II-1/3-1 and XI-1/1, etc. as well as the IMO Instruments Implementation Code (III Code) and the Code for Recognized Organizations (RO Code).

Reference: IMO

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