Installation at Sea of ARKONA Transformer Station

18 days after its sail away from Saint-Nazaire and 1,500 NM sailed, the installation of ARKONA’s jacket and transformer station designed by STX France for E.ON, Statoil and 50Hz, has been completed successfully on April 8th. These operations are a technical first for Saint-Nazaire yard’s team and represent a technological achievement in themselves. STX France demonstrates once again its expertise as a major player in the European offshore market.

Installation at Sea of ARKONA Transformer Station: A New Challenger Taken up by STX FRANCE
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“This is the result of 30 months of work started with our engineering, production and commissioning teams upon the contract signing and completed with the installation. For that matter, this team work has been granted with our customer and certification body’s congratulations” stated Frédéric Grizaud, Offshore Business Unit General Manager.

STX France is now in a position to launch the installation commissioning. Once in operation, this 385 MW transformer station will be able to feed 400,000 households.

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