Innovative Scrubber-Ready Container Ships Delivered

CSBC Corporation of Taiwan recently delivered the fifth in a series of ten 2,800 TEU containerships. The ABS-classed Ever Bonny was delivered March 23, 2018 to Evergreen, a Taiwanese containership operator.

“With the increasingly complex regulatory landscape, it is important for owners to consider more efficient designs that will support compliance now and in the future,” says ABS Director for Global Business Development Pier Carazzai. “We look forward to working with Evergreen and CSBC to support the delivery of the remaining ABS-classed sister vessels.”

Innovative Scrubber-ready Containerships Delivered
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The Ever Bonny and its ABS-classed sister vessels received the ABS SOx Scrubber Ready notation, helping demonstrate their readiness to comply with impending air emissions requirements. Additionally, the vessels are equipped with innovative energy-saving devices, including a twisted rudder and rudder bulb, and a new Sea-Sword bow (a non-bulbous bow) all intended to reduce fuel consumption and increase energy efficiency.

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