Indonesia’s Navy Declares Missing Submarine With 53 Crew Members Has Sunk

Indonesia’s navy has declared that the missing submarine with 53 crew members aboard has sunk. KRI Nanggala- 402 submarine disappeared during a training exercise. The search and rescue teams found few few items such as prayer rugs, coolant pipe, grease bottle which is believed to be from the missing submarine.

The Indonesian navy believes that the 1400 ton vessel may have sunk to the depth of 2000 feet, at which the water pressure would be more than the hull could withstand, eventually leading to the cracking of the hull.

KRI Nanggala- 402
Image for representation purpose only

All passengers are presumed dead.

“With the authentic evidence we found believed to be from the submarine, we have now moved from the ‘sub miss’ phase to ‘sub sunk,'” Indonesian Navy Chief Yudo Margono said at a press conference on Saturday.

Though it is still not very clear as to what happened to KRI Nanggala 402, if it has truly sunk with all 53 crew members onboard, then this incident would be among some of the worst submarine disasters ever.


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