India’s First Indigenous Aircraft Carrier, INS Vikrant ready for Final Round Of Sea Trials

The stage is being set for commissioning the country’s first indigenous aircraft carrier IAC-I Vikrant. Before the scheduled commissioning next month, IAC-1 is preparing to set out for the final round of sea trials later this week from the Cochin Shipyard in Kochi, where it has been built. The final round of sea trials is expected to be executed in approximately two weeks. This warship’s construction cost is estimated to be around Rs 23,000 crore.

Per a top navy officer, once the sea trials are complete, the indigenous aircraft carrier will be commissioned in India’s Navy to commemorate 75 years of India’s independence. This will be done next month. The aviation trials will be taking place soon afterward. After commissioning IAC-1, the most complex and largest one-of-its-kind warship to be constructed in the country will be titled INS Vikrant.

The 40,000 tonnes — IAC-1’s versatility and reach are expected to give more strength to India’s Navy to safeguard the country’s interest in the Indian Ocean area, where China continues increasing its presence and beyond. As China operates two aircraft carriers in the region, the Indian Navy, until now, operates INS Vikramaditya — a modified version of the Russian Admiral Gorshkov. This aircraft carrier weighs approximately 45,000 tonnes.

INS Vikrant
Credits: PIB

Indigenous Content

The construction started in 2009.

Financial Express Online has reported earlier that the indigenous content onboard is close to 75%. It has been designed in India, the steel used is Indian, and weapons and sensors have been made locally.

With the completion of this aircraft carrier, India will be part of an elite group of nations that can build such a complex and largest warship in the world.

Per officials, the new aircraft carrier is expected to operate Kamov-31 helicopters, Russian MiG-29K fighters, and MH-60R multirole helicopters from the US.

The new warship can hold nearly 1700 personnel. Besides, there are special cabins to accommodate women officers and almost 2,300 compartments.

With an endurance of nearly 7,500 nm, it will have a speed of 28 knots and a cruising speed of about 18 knots.

This aircraft carrier measures about 62 meters in width, has a height of about 59 meters and measures 262 meters in length.

As reported earlier, the first to the third batch of crew members have been identified along with the Captain of the new aircraft carrier.

References: Financial Express, Trend News Agency

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