Indian Seafarer Goes Missing at Sea

A 28-year-old Indian seafarer from Jharkhand”s Ramgarh has gone missing in Singapore. The seafarer worked for a Danish Shipping company and was on a ship which was travelling from Singapore to Hong Kong.

Family Seeks Help

Rajat Kumar Gupta, the missing seafarer hails from Jharkhand’s Ramgarh district and now his parents have contacted the district administration to seek help. 

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The family is seeking the help of the External Affairs Ministry to find their missing son. His father Pradeep Kumar Gupta has informed the police that his son who worked in the merchant navy staff has been missing since January 27 and he was last seen on that date. 

Divers Didn’t Find Him

Pradeep Kumar Gupta also informed the police that he got all the information from the shipping company by email and phone. The Mumbai office of the shipping company has informed him about the search operations that didn’t find the seafarer. Efforts of the divers who looked for the seafarer at sea also went unsuccessful.

At present, the police are taking all steps to help the bereft family of the seafarer. 

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