Indian Register Of Shipping And GRSE Sign MOU

Indian Register of Shipping (IRS) and Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd. (GRSE) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in Kolkata on 7 July 2022.

As per the MOU, IRS will provide a comprehensive range of services to GRSE Ltd comprising planning of repairs/refits and modification work of ships, provision of QA services during execution thereof, facilitating skill augmentation of GRSE personnel, and the undertaking of technical studies and analysis over a large range of subjects.

For repair/refit and modification work, IRS will prepare the detailed scope of work to be undertaken, inclusive of a detailed defect list based on assessment of material state through survey and inspection, undertake inspection and witness tests and trials of required new components/equipment, as applicable, and witness running trials of onboard machinery, on completion of work.

Indian Register of Shipping and Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd.
Credits; IRCLASS

IRS will undertake various technical studies and analysis – such as FEM analysis, CFD, fatigue life assessment, noise/vibration analysis, signature prediction – as required by GRSE.

Mr. Arun Sharma, Executive Chairman at IRS, said: “IRS is now recognised globally for industry excellence. We are proud to offer high-quality inspection and training services to our valued partner – GRSE.”

Cmde PR Hari, IN (Retd.), CMD GRSE, while welcoming the idea of partnering with IRS stated: “As India aims to strengthen its position as a leading shipbuilding nation, pursuit of excellence through high-quality products remains an integral part of GRSE’s value system and this MOU would further strengthen our efforts in that direction.”

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