Indian Palm Squirrel Hitches Ride On A Ship, Lands In Scotland

The sight of squirrels scurrying in a park is common in India. And if you are lucky, some of them are so friendly that they might permit you to take them on your hand and feed them.

However, the story of this squirrel named Zippy is unique. Zippy managed to travel to Scotland from India on a ship and is now on a quest to find a forever home. This Indian squirrel’s story is going to amaze you.

The published post on Facebook by North East Wildlife & Animal Rescue Centre includes an image of the squirrel safely kept in a cage during the journey.

Image for representation purpose only

The post mentioned that last evening, they got a call from Natasha and Clara, who are associated with Pest Solutions based in Aberdeen. They had set out to reach Clipper Quay to collect a squirrel discovered on a boat sailing from India and wondered if they’d be prepared to take him in, read the post’s caption.

On arrival, the visitor was shifted to a bigger cage where he could be examined for any condition. He was a three-striped or ‘Palm Squirrel’, one of the common Indian Squirrels, fit, more active, and even faster than a bullet. This rightly earned it a short and sweet name, ‘Zippy’, it mentioned.

The post further described how the little one survived the long journey and was (naturally) a bit stressed. It said that even though stressed and having survived a three-week trip from India in a reasonably safe and healthy state, Zippy has settled down and is eating well. The job of finding him a reliable specialist, forever home, has started, the Facebook post concluded.

References: The Economic Times, India Today

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