Indian Navy Successfully Executes Twin Carrier CBG Operations With Over 35 Aircrafts

In a show of operational capabilities, India’s Navy on Saturday undertook the operation of a massive two/aircraft carrier battle group (CBG) in the Arabian Sea, comprising over 35 aircraft.

In a statement, the Indian Navy mentioned that such a demonstration of the country’s naval prowess underscores the country’s commitment to protecting its interests, facilitating regional stability, and enhancing cooperative partnerships in the broader maritime domain.

It further added that the operations reflected its “formidable capability” in facilitating sustained air operations across the vast maritime expanse as it marks a crucial milestone in the Indian Navy’s pursuit of promoting maritime security and power projection in the Indian Ocean and even beyond.

Indian Navy
The Navy conducts mega operations involving two aircraft carriers and over 35 combat planes. Image Credit: @indiannavy/Twitter.

The operations come amid fostering Chinese forays into the Indian Ocean. Currently, India has two aircraft carriers.

The Navy has long been seeking its third aircraft carrier — and has also been discussing the feasibility of going in to place a repeat order for India’s first-ever indigenous aircraft carrier IAC 1 — INS Vikrant.

The exercise also involved the integration of two Aircraft Carriers —INS Vikrant and INS Vikramaditya — besides a diverse fleet of vessels, aircraft, and submarines.

The aircraft carriers functioned as what’s called “floating sovereign airfields”, providing a launch platform for an array of aircraft. The range includes MiG-29K fighter jets, Kamov, MH60R, Sea King, Chetaks, and advanced light helicopters.

The Navy stated that the mobile bases could be positioned anywhere, permitting enhanced mission flexibility, more timely responses to emerging threats, and sustained air activities to protect national interests globally.

Besides, they also assure the nation’s friendly neighbours that the Indian Navy is capable and prepared to support the “collective” security needs of the region.

The Navy also added that the highlight of two-carrier battle group operations is a solid testament to the role of sea-based air power in securing maritime superiority.

It stated that the significance of aircraft carriers would remain paramount in helping shape the country’s defence strategy and boosting regional stability.

Last month, a MiG-29K fighter aircraft reportedly undertook the maiden night landing on INS Vikrant’s deck in what could be perceived as a significant milestone.

References: The Times Of India, The Hindu

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