Indian Director-General Of Shipping Sounded For Oil Removal From Sunken Vessel

Indian Coast Guard (ICG) in association with the Director-General Shipping, the Indian Maritime Administrator, would ensure the early employment of a salvor by the owner or Protection and Indemnity Clubs for the expedited removal of 220 tonnes of fuel from a sunken merchant vessel named Princess Miral in Mangaluru, it said on Monday.

The area around the vessel is being monitored by Coast Guard ships and aircraft and relevant agencies are kept at short notice to respond to critical situations, a report by the State headquarters of the Coast Guard mentioned.

Director-General Of Shipping Sounded For Oil Removal From The Vessel
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As the vessel has reportedly “grounded” close to the coast and approaching from seaward is challenging, the Indian Coast Guard was assisting State authorities to prepare for shoreline cleanup by conducting training sessions for all potential participants.

Mock drills were also conducted on Tannirbavi, Panambur, and Ullal beaches over three days. As a safety measure, an inter-tidal boom has been kept in place at the mouth of the Netravathi river.

After it had run aground on 21 June, the ship sank close to Batpady, Ullal coast, on 23 June. The Coast Guard was able to rescue 15 marine crew members from the ship.

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