Indian Crew Onboard MV Tampen Attacked By Pirates; Two Injured & One Kidnapped

An Indian shipping crew onboard a merchant ship, MV Tampen, had been attacked by pirates off a port on the western coast of Africa. Two members have suffered injuries, and a third one has been abducted, as claimed by family members of the distressed Indian crew members.

The vessel that had to reach Dubai from Cameroon had to drop its anchor in the port limits of Owendo Anchorage in Gabo. It had ran into unexpected problems with the vessel’s propulsion system.

During the early hours on Sunday, pirates had boarded the merchant’s vessel and started attacking the crew members.

The family members of the distressed Indian seamen have reportedly said that the pirates started a fire using their Ak-47s. During the incident, the ship Officer and cook suffered several bullet wounds. The injured have been taken to a hospital in Gabon for surgery and further treatment.

There has been no information regarding the whereabouts of the second Engineer. He is reportedly said to have been abducted by the pirates.

The families of the crew alleged that the seamen on-board are concerned about their security, as ProActive Ship Management Pvt Ltd, the shipping company, is not adequately ensuring the crew’s safety.

When contacted, a representative of the aforementioned shipping company said that it is their priority to look after the crew’s well-being. The representative added that a detailed statement would also be issued later.


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