Indian Crew Detained In Equatorial Guinea Pray For A Quick Resolution

The Keralite crew members of a ship reportedly detained by the Navy of Equatorial Guinea are praying for a quick resolution. There is fear that the arrested crew members might be taken to Nigeria. The Guinea authorities had been behaving amicably a couple of days back. However, the situation has evolved rapidly over the past two days, the Chief Officer, Sanu Jose, reported to Manorama. His words and expressions reflect fear and anxiety.

Of the 26 crew members who have been detained, 16 are Indians. The ship captain is yet to be back. Sanu reportedly mentioned that he is entirely responsible for the vessel and ths to look into the matter and safeguard the people and the ship. Sanu’s family hails from Bathery in the Wayanad district. But all have been at Kumaran Ashan Nagar for the last three years.

Crew Detained
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Kochi family awaits Milton’s return.

The family of Milton D Coth, son of Robert D Coth, one of the Keralites and among the crew hailing from Methassery, has been waiting for his return. Sheethal D Silva, his wife, and Clain Hadwin D Coth, his son, were expecting Milton to be with them on November 5, the first death anniversary of his beloved mother.

Now, the faith of the family members is in government-level interventions to release the crew members. Milton, employed as a motorman on the ship, had spoken to Antony, his brother, on Tuesday afternoon. He is one of those who’ve been shifted to the detention centre. Per the information, the detained crew is in bad shape and is experiencing mental stress and accompanying health issues.

On August 8, the Norway-based ship dubbed ‘M T Heroic Idun’ reached Nigeria’s AKPO offshore terminal to load crude oil. The boat reportedly anchored on Nigeria’s international maritime boundary after being informed of delays due to technical difficulties. They started moving toward the international marine channel when they observed a boat approaching.

However, the Guinea Navy detained the vessel and the crew members the next day, alleging that the ship had come to steal oil.

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