India: Spicejet Airlines Charters 200 Flights To Bring 30000 Indians Back Home

Indian airline Spicejet, in its effort to repatriate Indian nationals stranded in countries in the present COVID-19 situation has operated 200 charter flights so far to help 30,000 Indians return home.

The airline had sent for 111 charter flights to UAE, 50 to Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Qatar, and Oman. Additionally, it has also operated multiple flights for seamen and foreign nationals within the country, dropping the latter to key metros like Delhi, to be able to head back home.

175 flights were reported to have been operated in June alone. Remaining dedicated to its endeavour to reunite families, Spicejet continues to operate multiple flights daily. The company has also offered its services to ‘Vande Bharat’ a mission undertaken by the centre.

Image Credits: Spicejet – Twitter

Lending hands in such tumultuous times, it has aided in the transportation of about 20,000 tonnes of medicines, equipment, food across the country, since the 25th of March, 2020. The Chairman and CEO, Ajay Singh has attributed the airline’s services to its diligence and has called it “a small role” undertaken to repatriate citizens to their families.

Spicejet’s current network is spread over 40 countries with regular flights to parts of the Middle East, South, and South-east Asia.


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