India: Shipping Firms Resume Recruitment Of Seafarers For The First Time In Months

Shipping firms in Mumbai began to spread a ray of sunshine on over 8000 repatriated seafarers, after resuming recruitment for overseas employment in the last 20 days. With global shipping companies looking to restart operations, the shipping firms too, are kicking off the processes of signing on and off by chartering international flights for transport.

The commencement of functions in the maritime sector is already contributing to the activity taking place in related occupations, such as the medical testing centers working for foreign merchant shipping companies.

The Divine Medical center at Margao has tested about 422 seafarers so far, several of whom are now on their way to board vessels. All of those who were tested were found negative of infection.

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Another medical center at Arlem called Dr. Belani’s Blue Shield to has conducted over a few hundred tests.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has been responsible for a lot of problems for seafarers, a lot of whom were unable to return home, even after their tenure owing to travel restrictions and lockdowns around the world.

The maritime industry, especially cargo-shipping, however, continued, leading to stranded crew members on bulk carriers, tankers, gas carriers, etc, meaning that most of the repatriated workers were those providing service on cruise ships.


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