India: NUSI Inks INR 225 Crore Deal For Seafarers’ Vaccinations & Training

Seafarers in India are up for a major surprise as the primary seafarers union in the country has signed a 225 Crore vaccine deal with regulators. The new deal signed by the National Union of Seafarers of India, NUSI is part of the 6 pacts signed with the shipping regulator DGS.

As part of the deal, seafarers will get a priority in covid vaccinations and also get exclusive training at World Maritime University in Sweden. The 6 pacts worth Rs 225 Crore was signed ahead of the 3 days of virtual Maritime India Summit. The summit will begin on Tuesday

According to the statement given by NUSI, the Directorate General of Shipping, DGS will provide the financial assistance for training and vaccinating seafarers.

Indian Seafarers Crew Change
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Under the initiative of NUSI Trust, 6 MoUs were signed with the Director-General of Shipping Amitabh Kumar and this will be an important part of the Maritime India Summit (MIS), says NUSI. The MoUs worth 225 Crore will work for 5 years.

With these pacts in place, seafarers can get covid vaccinations free of cost and they and their family members can get sponsorships to study at the World Maritime University in Sweden.

The investments will help train seafarers in special skill enhancement courses which will be provided free of cost. The other 3 pacts involve financial assistance for medical conditions, educational assistance, and financial educational assistance to the family of the retired and deceased seamen.

The financial assistance for medical conditions and the educational assistance is only for seafarers and their families. NUSI considers these pacts as a great initiative in maritime assistance.


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