India: 4 More Crew Members Test Positive Onboard Indonesian Vessel

In a recent update of the Indonesian-flag vessel berthed at Netaji Subhas Docks where a crew member was tested positive for COVID-19, reports have now surfaced confirming that 4 more crew members have followed suit.

A source in the Syama Prasad Mookerji Trust (SPMT) has expressed their concern over the current condition as the 4 seafarers were kept on board the MV Sinar Pomalaa, following the discovery of the first case, after the routine screening of the crew members as per protocol. The remaining 12 seafarers have returned negative results to the tests.

Port Officials are now worried as this is the first instance of nearly a third of members of any vessel berthing in an Indian port to be affected. The 4 crew members are being kept under watch in the same ship, along with the other unaffected members. As much as port officials would like to have the vessel berthed further, the monitoring of the crew is a priority.

Crew Members Test Positive Onboard Indonesian Vessel
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NSD has closed down operations on berth 12 until the situation settles.

A senior SPMT official has stated that all steps have been taken to avoid any sort of contact with the vessel. The final decision is to be taken by the Public Health Officer (PHO) of Directorate General of Shipping based on the updates and conditions of the seafarers on board.


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