Improper Container Stacks Lead To Tanzanian Cargo Ship Overturning In Iran

On Tuesday, January 24, a Tanzanian cargo ship overturned at Assaluyeh port in Southern Iran. The vessel named Anil had overturned due to improperly configured containers onboard.

The port in question is responsible for petrochemicals and gas produced in Iran. It lies 950 km south of Tehran. 

The ship was docked at dock No. 9 jetty of the port when the incident happened. There are 24 or more piers on the harbour. 

Cargo Ship Overturns, Iran
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In a statement issued by the IRNA, the official news website of Iran, it was revealed that the crew had been taken to safety by the rescue team. Further information hasn’t been provided yet.

The yearly trading consignment between Tanzania and Iran is less than $100 million.

However, exports and imports have declined since the US sanctions on Iran’s oil and banking.

Source: Times Of Israel, AP News


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