Impact Of Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine On The Port Of Rotterdam

The war in Ukraine has led to a number of sanctions against Russia by for instance the European Union. The latest (sixth) sanctions package adopted by the European Council on 3 June prohibits the import of oil and oil products from Russia.

As with previous penalty packages, a transitional period applies to these energy products. Therefore, the extensive import of energy (crude oil, oil products, LNG, coal) through the port of Rotterdam is not (yet) affected by sanctions. This does however apply to the export and transhipment of containers. Shipping companies are transporting significantly fewer containers to and from Russia as a result of the war and sanctions.

Port Of Rotterdam
Credits: Port Of Rotterdam

Russia-oriented transhipment

62 million tonnes of the almost 470 million tonnes of transhipment in the port of Rotterdam is Russia-oriented (13%) (source: CBS). Many energy carriers are imported from Russia via the port of Rotterdam. Roughly speaking, 30% of crude oil comes from Russia, 25% of LNG and coal and 20% of oil products. Russia exports products such as steel, copper, aluminium and nickel through Rotterdam.

Reference: Port Of Rotterdam

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