IMO Type And USCG Approved Bio-Sea BWTS Combines Mechanical Filtration & UV Disinfection

BIO-SEA by BIO-UV designs, manufactures and markets the BIO-SEA small flow rate ballast water treatment system which combines mechanical filtration and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection without any chemical treatment whatsoever.

The BIO-SEA small flow rate range available from 15 to 90 m3/h is especially designed for the needs of vessels with small pump capacities such as yachts, navy support vessels, offshore support vessels, platform supply vessels, oceanic research vessels.

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FLEXIBLE: Adaptable To All Types Of Technical Configurations

BIO-SEA is the only system to be as flexible and adaptable.

It can be easily integrated to all types of retrofit or newbuilding vessels, thanks to several versions depending on technical needs :

  • skid version: fully mounted
  • split version: skid totally dismounted, delivered in wooden box and then easily re-assembled onboard
  • modular version: loose components


COMPACT: Smallest System On The BWT Market

BIO-SEA small flow rate is designed to be as compact as possible. All components included power supply are directly embedded on skid (no additional power cabinet) and UV reactor are shorten from the standard version, which allows a minimal footprint.


The range is IMO Type approved and also has the AMS from the USCG with several Class societies certifications. Designed and manufactured with first class marine components, BIO-SEA small flow rate system is efficient in all water qualities.

BIO-SEA has equipped many vessels, with reliable, innovative, modular and cost efficient solutions. BIO-SEA and its worldwide certified Partners remain at your disposal if you need technical information for your new building or retrofit projects.

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