IMO: Preparation Is The Key In Ballast Water Management

I​dentifying organisms and microbes in ballast water, as well as monitoring port marine life where ballast water may be released, are key for countries preparing to enforce IMO’s Ballast Water Management Convention. The treaty involves measures to counter the threat to marine ecosystems by potentially invasive species transported in ships’ ballast water.

Preparation is the key in ballast water management
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A regional workshop in Malé, Maldives (18-20 June) is training participants from four countries* in compliance monitoring and enforcement of the Convention. The event also includes training on how to conduct a relevant risk assessment for implementing and enforcing the BWM Convention – with a focus on ship targeting for port State control and exemptions under a key regulation (regulation A-4) of the BWM Convention.

The workshop also included training on how to plan and conduct a port biological baseline survey using standardized protocols.


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