IMO Enhances Cooperation With Governments To Combat Illicit Maritime Activity

Prevention of piracy, armed robbery against ships and illicit maritime activity in west and central Africa is on the agenda at a meeting of the G7 Group of Friends of the Gulf of Guinea in Lagos, Nigeria (11-12 December). The meeting is reviewing progress made in implementing the Yaoundé Code of Conduct, which was signed by governments in the region, in 2013, to enhance cooperation to counter piracy and armed robbery at sea and other illicit maritime activity.

The meeting also stresses the importance for States in the region to promote and implement a combined effort to improve maritime security within their areas of jurisdiction and responsibility. The meeting is also looking at gaps in capacity-building and assessing needs in equipment.

Work continues to combat illicit maritime activity
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Additionally, the heads of the Economic Communities of the West African States (ECOWAS) and of the Economic Communities of the Central African States (ECCAS) will be updating participants on the status of the Yaoundé-Process as well as the latest developments of its legal and operational framework, in particular in establishing the Maritime Multi-National Coordination Centers.

The meeting will also provide the opportunity to gather the shipping industry’s views on challenges ahead. Assuming the Presidency of the G7 Group of Friends of the Gulf of Guinea (G7++ FoGG), Italy is hosting the meeting in Nigeria. IMO is represented by Gisela Vieira.


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