Illegally Fishing Chinese Vessel Caught with 11 Tonnes of Squid in Uruguayan Waters

An operation conducted by the National Navy led to the capture of a shipping boat carrying out illegal squid fishing in Uruguayan waters. As reported, the vessel was detected in a jurisdictional water control operation via ROU 23 “Maldonado,” in which a Naval Aviation aircraft also took part.

The name of the ship is Lu Rong YuanYu 606. It was found in jurisdictional waters via the Fleet Command’s Tactical Operations Center on Friday.

Not only was this ship detected, but others seemed to be a part of the same fleet. They were 150 nm southeast of Punta del Este.

Chinese Vessel
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When the alarms went on for these cases, a Navy plane was dispatched to the area, where it would be easy to observe the deployed fishing gear. During the night flight, it was possible to keep an eye out for boats with lights on. This also indicated that they were involved in alleged illegal fishing.

After confirming the situation, it was decided that ROU 23 would depart for the site on Saturday and reach the location on Sunday. On arriving, the only vessel he could find was the “Lu Rong Yuan Yu 606”.

The boat went away when it was instructed to halt for examination. This ended up in a chase that lasted through the night on Sunday, ending in the wee hours of Monday. The captain of the Chinese vessel eventually decided that it would be best to allow them on board. The ship is currently being transferred to the Port of Montevideo.

The army indicated that detainees would be handed over to competent and relevant authorities.

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