IDsure Integrates With Concordium Blockchain To Enhance Safe Seafaring

IDsure, the first “middleman” platform between seafarers, shippers, and maritime schools, announces it will integrate with Concordium blockchain to bring trust and accountability to seafaring.

IDsure is building the infrastructure to digitise certificates in the shipping industry through the IDsure App, which guarantees irrevocable ID verification, issuing and registration of certificates, and 100% digital, cloud-based, real-time, up-to-date data. By leveraging Concordium’s science-based blockchain with a groundbreaking ID framework, IDsure will efficiently and transparently improve their product and offering, making seafaring safer for all.

IDsure Integrates With Concordium Blockchain To Enhance Safe Seafaring (2)
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Founded by four former senior shipping professionals and investors, IDsure allows third-party stakeholders such as Port State Control or crew managers to verify the validity and authenticity of the certificates with only a few clicks. IDsure will utilize Concordium’s ID layer to combat fraud, allowing seafarers to hold and verify all their certificates digitally on Blockchain and in turn help shipping companies cut down on processing time and combat certificate fraud.

“The solution developed by IDsure, using the Concordium blockchain, presents an opportunity to implement blockchain technology into a real-world use case. Digitalising and combating fraud in maritime certificates is a task long overdue,” says Torben Kaaber, Head of Commercial at Concordium.

“IDsure is excited to announce that we are building on the Concordium blockchain. Our IDsure App will be the first-in-class blockchain solution for the maritime industry and will offer an interesting opportunity to harness the benefits of the Concordium blockchain’s ID Framework. With this partnership, employees (the seafarers & offshore crew), shipping companies, training providers, and certifiers can look forward to increased security, reduced cost, and improved income,” Jesper Holmgren, CEO, IDsure.

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