HSHI Delivers World’s First Product Carrier With ‘SILENT-E’ Underwater Noise Notation

KSOE is building the underwater noise minimized vessel and implementing the ESG management by preserving marine ecosystem. KSOE announced that HSHI, one of their affiliate shipbuilding companies, successfully delivered a 115,000 DWT product carrier on March 31, 2021 obtained the Silent E-Notation from DNV.

Underwater noise-related certificate has been applied normally on passenger ships and this is the first time that a cargo ship has obtained this certificate. Underwater noise is mainly generated by ocean-going ships and has been considered one of the main harmful sources of marine pollution caused by ships together with exhaust gases and contaminated water.

In particular, the noise generated by the ship’s propeller has been pointed out as the most serious cause of disturbance in the marine ecosystem.

HSHI delivered the world’s first product carrier obtained the underwater noise notation ‘SILENT-E’
Image Credits: hshi.co.kr

Recently, underwater noise issue has become more serious due to the recent large scale of ships and the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is under discussion to establish a practical and reasonable regulation.

KSOE has receiving many newbuilding inquiries from shipowners about eco-friendly and low-noise ships because, Canada, USA and EU is considering the new underwater noised-related regulations to protect the marine environment.

KSOE has been developing the underwater noise monitoring and reduction technologies to protect the marine environment with the KRISO and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.

KSOE said, “This notation is meaningful that we have successfully developed and applied the new technology on the ship for preserving marine ecosystem”.

Meanwhile, KSOE is leading the eco-friendly shipbuilding markets focusing its capabilities on research and development of future technologies such as ammonia propulsion, smart electric propulsion and hydrogen fuel cell propulsion systems.

Reference: hshi.co.kr

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