Houlder Executes Unique Liquid Hydrogen (LH2) Ship Design For Shell

Design and engineering consultancy firm, Houlder, has executed a design assignment for Shell to develop a unique concept design for a 20,000m3 LH2 carrier.

Houlder reportedly collaborated with Shell on the requirements statement to ensure that both companies were on the same page regarding vessel specifications.

 The joint team then undertook a feasibility study for powering and fuel arrangements and undertook hull design, powering structural design work, and other activities.

Houlder LH2 Vessel
Image for representation purposes only

The concept design was confirmed and optimized with the help of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) analysis. Houlder has recently boosted its computer simulation, hydrodynamics, and technical data analysis abilities by acquiring Seaspeed Marine Consulting.

Besides, Houlder also recently executed related activities for Shell, specifically on hydrogen containment systems. It also carried out an end-to-end ship piping and instrumentation review for vessels transporting hydrogen as cargo or fuel.

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