HMD Delivers Its First Medium-Sized LNG Carrier To Knutsen

Hyundai Mipo Dockyard (HMD), a global No.1 shipbuilder specialized in medium-sized commercial ships, announced that it successfully delivered its first LNG carrier, solidifying its presence in diversification into high value-added ships.

HMD said that it signed the delivery ceremony for the 33,000m3 LNG carrier, which was ordered from Norway’s Knutsen in August 2018. HMD became Korea’s first shipbuilder to deliver its kind of an LNG carrier

The carrier, named Ravenna Knutsen, measures 180 m in length, 28.4 m in width, and 19.4 m in depth. The vessel with speed of 15 knots can accommodate about 13,000 tons of LNG and is scheduled to provide LNG supply service mainly in the Mediterranean area from third quarter of 2021.

LNG carrier Knutsen
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Completed about 14 months after the work commencement in HMD yards based in Ulsan, South Korea, the carrier is fitted with three units of a 10,100m3 bi-lobe cargo tank featuring low alloy 9% Ni steel with great strength and impact toughness in the cryogenic environments.

The vessel can meet more stringent international maritime regulations and significantly enhance operational efficiency through the high-efficiency dual-fuel engine, WIN GD 5X52DF with maximum power output of 6,710kW. The engine highlights a ‘shaft generator’, which uses both boil-off gas from cargo tanks and marine diesel as a fuel.

The LNG carrier market has been traditionally focused on large-scale vessels with capacity of 160,000㎥ or over, but a growing demand for LNG as an environmentally-friendly fuel and the expanding LNG bunkering infrastructure worldwide are combining to spur the rapid growth of the small-scale LNG tanker segment.

Increasing LNG transportation in insular areas in Europe and Southeast Asia boosts demand for small- and medium-sized LNG carriers which are accessible to small islands where large carriers hardly come alongside. According to Clarksons Research, average annual orders for small- and medium-sized LNG carriers is expected to generate sustained upswing to 20 ships over five years from 2021.

HMD has been well-positioned in building small- and medium-scale LNG bunkering ships and LNG carriers by having delivered 64 LGP carriers and 13 LEG carriers. Further, HMD is committed to developing new types of liquefied hydrogen and ammonia carriers and ammonia- and hydrogen-fueled ships.


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