H&M Reduces Carbon Footprint With Maersk ECO Delivery

One of the largest fashion and design groups in the world, H&M Group, has chosen Maersk ECO Delivery to reduce the company’s carbon footprint in transportation.

The initiative uses sustainable biofuel to power selected Maersk-vessels and helps H&M to make progress towards its ambitious sustainability goals.

With more than 5,000 stores worldwide and an extensive online presence, H&M Group is in a unique position to make a substantial difference with regards to sustainability.

H&M Group Reduces Carbon Footprint With Maersk ECO Delivery
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We are very much aware of our responsibility to prioritise sustainability and to explore every viable opportunity to cut our carbon footprint. We have supported Maersk ECO Delivery from the beginning, as the service has the potential to make a substantial part of our supplychain carbon-neutral.

Mats Samuelsson Senior Vice President, Global Logistics at H&M Group
Mats Samuelsson
Senior Vice President, Global Logistics at H&M Group.

A solution that makes a real difference

Maersk ECO Delivery ensures that sustainable biofuel from waste-sources such as wasted cooking oil for instance, is used to power selected vessels. The initiative is assessed by the RSB Secretariat (Roundtable of Sustainable Biomaterials) and is based on the requirements of the RSB standard.

“It is important to us that Maersk has worked with RSB to build a system that enables us to “follow” the fuel from source to ship. And further that we can stand up for the service as being sustainable” Mats Samuelsson adds.

H&M Group has the ambition to become climate positive by 2040. To reach the goal, H&M wants to cooperate with all the company’s partners in the supply chain.

“Maersk ECO Delivery has shown promising results in reducing the emissions from ocean shipping, and we expect much from the initiative. At H&M Group, sustainability, logistics and supply chain management goes hand in hand. We have high goals, and we demand much of our service partners in logistics. Also, our customers expect us to make a real and substantial effort to prioritize sustainability,” says Mats Samuelsson.

H&M and Maersk: Partners in sustainability

Maersk ECO Delivery is just one of several sustainability-oriented projects where H&M Group and Maersk collaborate.

Both companies are members of the Clean Cargo initiative – a business-to-business initiative constituted by leading cargo carriers and their customers dedicated to sustainability performance improvement in container transportation.

“Partnerships are of the essence when exploring sustainable solutions for the future, and no company can do it alone. Our cooperation with Maersk enables us to pool our resources and reduce our respective carbon footprints much more efficiently,” Mats Samuelsson emphasises.

Reference: maersk.com

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