Hannibal And DistriRail Supports EUROPEAN Supply Chain With Supply “TRAIN”

Hannibal,  a subsidiary of Contship Italia Group, Italy’s leading container terminal and intermodal service provider, has jointly organized a webinar with DistriRail, Rotterdam’s largest privately owned rail and logistics services provider, to share their intermodal alternatives and cool solutions for intra-EU and short-sea trades moving northbound and southbound, between The Netherlands and Northern Italy, amid the current disruption.

While the supply chain is striving to operate as normal, the tightened limitations on movement and cross-border control have impacted truck capacity and the supply chain.

So far, rail freight has proven to be the most effective and least disrupted mode for maintaining the flow of goods, such as perishable goods, over long distances. To manage risks on delays and service disruption, Italian and European logistics operators and cargo owners are looking at intermodal alternatives, in particular, the North-South corridor.

Hannibal And DistriRail Supports EUROPEAN Supply Chain With Supply “TRAIN”
Representation Image – Credits: contshipitalia.com

Mr Daniele Testi, Marketing and Corporate Communications Director of Contship Italia, said: “In times of crisis, it is crucial to keep your supply chain going. Contship, through its multimodal transport operator Hannibal, together with DistriRail provides prudent risk mitigation strategy for goods during this challenging period. For perishable goods, our cooled solutions can now transport products, such as fruits, vegetables and medical supplies, in 45 feet high cube reefers, with integrated generator sets.”

Dennis De Roo, Managing Director of Van Donge & de Roo, parent company of DistriRail, said: “DistriRail and Contship Italia Group guarantee a daily train connection between the Netherlands (Rotterdam), Belgium (Antwerp) and Italy (Melzo-Milano) including further access to La Spezia, Ravenna, Genoa and Bari port systems. The specific train connection offers capacity to all types of full loaded containers, varying from 20, 30, a 40-High Cube to 45 ft, 30 ft tanks and reefers. You can even transport separate pallet loads via our partners and clients.” It is a good alternative for the current disruptions per truck, already proven to be more Co2 neutral than road transportation.

“Knowledge and experience are key to supply chain resilience. Contship and DistriRail will continue to help Hannibal clients minimize the damage brought by unexpected circumstances with increasing international approach and deep understanding of supply chain risks and opportunities.” Testi concluded.

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