HamiltonJet Provides Essential Service Support Around Globe Amid COVID-19 Crisis

HamiltonJet is using its capabilities to provide support to essential services in New Zealand, Singapore, Seattle and the United Kingdom during the COVID-19 crisis.

HamiltonJet is a global market leader in high-performance waterjet and controls technology and offers class-leading product support.

The company is now using its regional facilities in New Zealand, Asia, the Amercias and Europe to pick, pack and ship spare parts to essential businesses who need those products to continue to operate during their country’s lockdown.

HamiltonJet Provides Essential Service Support Around Globe Amid COVID-19 Crisis
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To date this has meant providing support to the NZ Defence Force, Singapore Police Coast Guard, US Navy and the UK Border Force as well as 3D printing parts for face masks in NZ.

HamiltonJet CEO Ben Reed says he’s very pleased they’re able to assist in the global fight to stamp out COVID-19.

“We have significant expertise in offshore, pilot, rescue, fire, military, patrol, windfarm, fast ferry, fishing and aquaculture sectors. The vast bulk of these sectors need to continue to operate at a high level to provide for their people.

“We’re here to help. We’re quickly getting replacement parts to where they’re needed and offering any other expertise and capabilities we can – like the 3D printing of parts for masks.

“Our staff are on standby to take calls and requests. We also have a very small number of people preparing orders at each of our regional locations.

“Importantly, we’re following strict protocols, particularly physical distancing and hygiene, to keep our people safe in the process,” says Ben Reed.

Anyone who needs assistance from HamiltonJet or more information about its capabilities can get in touch here.

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