H2A Marks Port Of Amsterdam As Future Import Hub

The H2Gate consortium, which brings together the partners Evos, Hydrogenious (Germany), Hysilabs (France) and Electriq Global (Israel) and Port of Amsterdam, has committed to establishing a 100% green and safe value chain for the transport, storage, release and distribution of green hydrogen in the Amsterdam port area and inland industrial regions such as the Ruhrgebied.

A unique safe and cost-effective multi-carrier proposition

The consortium’s approach is unique because of the bundling of multiple carrier technologies that enable the safe transport of green hydrogen and as such represent an attractive alternative to other carrier technologies with intrinsic safety challenges. An additional advantage is that the existing terminal and nautical infrastructure at Evos and the Port of Amsterdam is very suitable for handling this carrier-based hydrogen.

In November 2021, the consortium published the results of the feasibility study that showed the potential of importing at least one million tons of green hydrogen through the Amsterdam port area.

hgate to h2a
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Green hydrogen is a potential game-changer that could make it possible to decarbonize ‘hard to abate’ industrial sectors (such as steel production) and heavy transport. The demand for green hydrogen in the Netherlands and Europe is expected to show exponential growth in the coming decades. The generation of green power required for large-scale hydrogen production in Northwestern Europe takes up too much space and energy to meet expected demand. This will create a significant deficit. This is why importing green hydrogen will be essential to realizing northwestern Europe’s decarbonization goals.

The new phase will bring concrete pilot projects in hard-to-abate sectors

The consortium has now entered a new phase in which the consortium partners are keen to further develop and demonstrate the use of safe and cost-effective carrier technologies, bolstered by concrete user case projects in hard-to-abate transport and industrial sectors. The consortium partners are committed to cooperate towards realization of their common objectives.

H2Gate becomes H2A

To mark the new phase the consortium is entering, and to underpin the position of the Amsterdam port area as the premier European hub for safe and inert green hydrogen carriers, H2Gate has been rebranded to H2A. Under this new name, we will continue building the northwestern Europe green hydrogen ecosystem in the years to come.

Seminar H2A in Q2

In Q2 2022, H2A will host a seminar for off-takers, sourcing partners and other stakeholders such as policy makers, in which we will discuss our plans for green hydrogen imports via de port of Amsterdam.

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