Guyana Condemns Fraudulent Registration And/Or Unauthorized Use Of Guyana Flag By Ships

The Guyana national maritime authority, Maritime Administration Department (MARAD), decries the continuous unauthorized representation of its Ships’ Registry, internationally. Recent arrests, and detention of ships engaged in questionable activities, including a find by the Senegalese Customs Authority of illegal ammunitions onboard a ship said to be flying the Guyana flag, have engaged the interests and concerns of the Guyanese authorities.

Guyana Flag By Ships
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The Guyanese Authorities believe that these purported certificates of registration are being issued by an entity known as the International Maritime Safety Agency of Guyana (IMSAG) with which it severed ties on August 13, 2021. Neither IMSAG nor its principal, Captain Suneil Kumar of the Aryavart Corporation of SCO: 86 Sector 44 C, Chandigarh-160047, India, or any of its Affiliates, therefore, has the permission or authority to represent and/or issue any form of certification on behalf of the Guyana flag, MARAD, or, indeed, any agency of state of the Republic of Guyana.

These acts of rank fraud are not only being closely monitored, but are currently being investigated by the law enforcement agencies of the state of Guyana, working in collaboration with international agencies. Additionally, all necessary steps have been undertaken by MARAD to inform all relevant national, regional and international stakeholders in the shipping industry of this unlawful and fraudulent design.

Official notifications concerning the issue, were also dispatched to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in August 2021.

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